Student References:

Mark Bruce

I recently had two computer tutoring sessions with Joanne to learn to use Microsoft Publisher. Joanne has a thorough knowledge of not only Publisher but all computer programmes and the way she delivers the training is done so in a user friendly fashion. She is patient (thank goodness), has a friendly personable disposition and I came away from my sessions with a good understanding of the programme I wish to use. I would highly recommend Joanne’s tutoring to anyone who wishes to improve their computer skills.

Leonie Tregenza

Thank you so much for giving me tuition on the IPhone and the IPad. You were a wonderful teacher very easy to understand, and went at my pace taking into consideration that I am an older person and didn’t know a lot about computers. I would certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to improve their skills on IPhones, IPads, or Computers. I wish you all the best in the future and your business is a great success.

Maria Donato

Jobee always gives her utter best 100% in her teaching. she has a special gift in imparting knowledge to people of different cultures, levels of learning, disabilities, and beliefs. Jobees accomodating and friendly personality allows us students, to enjoy learning at our own pace.
Comming for classes is not always for more learning, but for a breath of fresh air. Lots of laughter and therefor Jobee is not only a computer tutor, but a “girl Friday” Femine version of “Jack of all trades” I highly recommend Jobee for any job. Go try it out! Dhanywaad; Vinaka, Kiora, Malo au pito! Thank you GB

Janet Wells

I brought an IPad in August last year so I could keep in touch with my family up North. I started taking lessons in January with Jobee the Computer Tutor. To start with it was a bit difficult but now I am learning heaps and enjoying myself. Jobee is a great teacher.
Janet Wells