Private One on One Computer Tutor in Christchurch

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Do you want to keep in touch with family and friends? Video calling with skype, emails, Facebook or just learning a new skill as a hobby, Do you want to type up a CV for a job you want to go for? There are so many uses for a Computer, and they are a wonderful things once you get the hang of it and you will, with help from Jobee The Computer Tutor. I also tutor students in the use of Ipads and android tablets.

Jobee the Computer Tutor specialises in working with Senior Students, and has many years experience teaching people with different abilities. Lesson plans are all personalised and made up individually to meet the needs of each student. I have 2 desk top computers, one being a touch screen which has many different teaching programs available for your use.

I have a certificate in Web Design and Writing though the Open Polytechnic, a Certificate in Teaching People with Disabilities through the Christchurch Teachers College, and have been working as a Computer Tutor for the past 4 years working with a wide variety of students.


Lessons are charged at $20.00 per half hour or part thereof.

Lessons are by appointment, and if you are unable to attend, PLEASE provide Joanne with 24 hours’ notice in advance of the cancellation, or you will be charged 50% of tuition fee for that session.


Team Viewer Quick Support

In order to have online lessons you need to first use the link below to connect your devise to Jobee’s computer so that I can help you. first phone Jobee on   027 2909246  and she will help you through the steps below.


  1. Click on the button below.
  2.  A download box will appear.
  3.  Click on the word “save file”.
  4. Open your download file
  5. Double click on your download file

Androyd Devises

  1. Open your androyd devise.
  2. Click on the button below.
  3. Click on the word install.
  4. Open the app team viewer quick support.
  5. Then contact Jobee .
  6. Wait till your Id number appears.
  7. Now you can connect to your partner (Jobee) by giving her your ID number.
  8. Now click on the word “allow” when it pops up.
  9. Now click on the word “start”.

Apple Devises

  1. First ring Jobee on 027 2909246
  2. Open the app store app your Ipad, IPhone.
  3.  Tap search at the bottom of the app.
  4. Type in Teamviewer quicksupport
  5. Find the app, now tap “Get”
  6. you might have to put in your password.
  7. Once it is installed  find and open the app.
  8. now you can send Jobe your id number so she can connect to your ipad.
As from Monday the 15th of March 2020 all my face to face lessons will cease due to current situation with COVID-19

As you are aware my role requires me to work with many different people in their own homes or within my home office, this put me and my students at risk if I come into contact with someone who is carrying this virus and are not aware of it. I will have to cancel all my lessons as from today until it is safe to continue, as most of my students are at a high risk because of their age or other high risk factors. I now have the online support program called Teamviewer Quicksupport which  enables me to work remotely with people so I can still help anyone having problems. Just give me a call on 027 2909246

Please keep safe.   Here is a link to information on this virus and how to keep yourself safe.


This page was last updated on the  19th April 2020